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Custom watercolour illustration & handlettering

What began as a card for a friend at summer camp, quickly blossomed into something much greater.  This trio of 8x10 watercolour, handlettered map prints depict the main sites of Camp Mini-Yo-We. From a simple passion project, these maps now sold in the official Camp MYW Tuck shop, alongside stickers, and an additional five other cards I illustrated for them.

Designing these maps united traditional methods with digital techniques. First, iconic camp buildings were sketched loosely by hand. Next, they were each individually painted with watercolour to give a rustic, yet whimsical feel. Finally, buildings were scanned and touched up before being placed on the circular terrain. As a finishing touch, hand lettered labels added.

While reflecting original building tones and colours, each map was given a distinct overall colour palette to stand out. Using a consistent base and banner establishes visual unity, to create a collectible set for families with campers at different camps.

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