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The DAILY PAUSE journal is a digital project commissioned by Gather Women for their intHERmission campaign. Once recieving the copy, I was given complete freedom over the visual and artistic direction of the journal.  As the journal was Gather's way of responding to COVID-19, I wanted the devotional study guide was rooted in the idea of hope. This was also Gather’s first opportunity to expand their demographic and connect with a younger audience of women.

Having free creative reign with brand identity, I established the palette, fonts, and sourced stock photos that would appeal to Gather’s current mature audience and their request to appeal to a younger age range. With the changing of seasons in mind, I selected colours that were fresh and light, a breath of fresh air while being stuck in COVID lock-down.

To accompany the main Gather Women logo, I designed the intHERmission campaign logo to echoed the main brand, but with a more youthful and feminine twist. The softer pink colour highlighted the play on "HER", drawing the focus back to femininity and women.

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